The Numbers We Live By

Stats, Stats, STATS!

Yes, today we are going to be talking a bit about stats and what you can do with them.

Meet the Stats

First, lets run down the available stats. This started from the article explaining the stats, which you can find here.  I have tried to expand upon each stat that is important to us.

Aim: Increases your damage and critical chance percentage with ranged weapons.  This is our primary stat, should be favored over endurance when there is an option on an armor piece or mod.

Endurance: Increases the player’s health pool and regeneration. We get this on almost every item as well, always take less endurance when more Aim is an option.

Alacrity: This stat is similar to haste from other games and reduces the time needed to activate or channel abilities. You are going to find alacrity on most of the healer gear as a secondary stat along with power or crit rating, its not bad, its just not as sexy in smaller doses.  I really enjoy the on-use Alacrity trinkets, as they seem to shave a good .2 seconds off my cast times, when I need it.

Critical Rating: Increases the critical chance of attacks and healing by the player. Grab as much as you can, our healing is based off of us hitting crits like champs. Each critical hit does an additional 50% of the damage or healing.  That percentage can be increased through greater Surge rating.

Power: Increases damage and healing for abilities. Since this provides a flat increase in our healing, its always a good stat, just maybe not quite as good as Critical Rating until you get a good amount of it.

Surge Rating: Increases critical damage and healing. Increases the bonus damage you do above 50%.  We get a 5%(max) boost to our surge rating through the Warden talent.

Armor: Increases damage reduction of kinetic and energy attacks.

Expertise: Increases PVP damage, damage reduction, and healing.

Presence: Increases companion health, damage, and healing.  A leveling stat, has no effect on you directly.

Damage Reduction: In order to understand Damage Reduction you must first understand the different types of damage – Energy, Kinetic, Internal, and Elemental. All four of the types can be reduced by the player’s armor.

Accuracy Rating: Increases the chance of your attacks hitting the target. Think of this stat as +hit as featured in other games. Accuracy over 100% reduces the target’s resistance.

The following stats are not really that interesting for us as Mercenaries, they are primarily Tank and other class stats.

Defense Chance: Increases the dodge chance and resistance of melee and ranged.
Shield Chance: The chance of a player’s shield absorbing an attack. Has a modifier value for absorption rating and damage reduction.
Strength: Increases melee damage and critical chance.
Willpower: Increases force damage and critical chance.
Cunning: Increases the damage and critical chance of ranged and tech. Also increases the healing power of Imperial Agents and Smugglers that heal through tech.


Our Priorities

Now that we know the players, its time to choose our lineup.  I’m going to be referring to mods as an all inclusive term to mean anything item modification that can be made in the game, not just the Cybertech ones.

We basically have two primary stats that we are going to have on most of the mods we put on our gear, Aim and Endurance.   As I have said before, always choose gear and mods that have a greater ratio of Aim/Endurance as while hit points are okay, we make our credits with our blasters(rockets, flamethrowers, ect…) and Aim boosts our Bonus Damage and Bonus Healing Power as well as Critical Rating.

As for the priority of the secondary stats, well there is still quite a bit of math to be done by TOP men before we get the exact answers to the perfect combinations, but until then I’m going with a few basic premises.

Critical Rating>Surge>Power>Alacrity should be your stat priority while leveling up your Bodyguard and when you first hit level 50.  As a number of our talents are built around boosting our Crit and Surge rating by percentages, points in these stats will multiply further.  Roughly follow this pattern until you hit about 35% Critical Chance, then we change slightly.

Surge>Power>Critical Rating>Alacrity becomes our focus once we are reliably critting more than one third of the time.  Surge will gives those crits an even bigger bang and the Power rating now adds a bit more value than crit since it will boost all your heals.

At this point, well we will see what the math shows us.  Some work done over at Sith in the agent forums has shown a few nice breakpoints in Critical Rating, Power and Surge, and I am unsure yet as to whether those numbers work out correctly for us Bounty Hunters.


Choosing the stats for relics is a little bit different and really has a lot to do with your play style.  Some mercs will choose to hunt down all the Matrix Shards and build the stat stick relics, others will obtain on-use relics from quests and PvP vendors.

If you decide to build a relic from Matrix shards, it will take 3 blue shards for the level 50 Relic which has Aim/Endurance and Critical Rating on it.  Its a nice piece and a blessing if you hate having to click more buttons in the middle of battle to trigger an on-use relic.

If you go the on-use route you will generally have a couple of options:

  • Alacrity – These are nice little panic buttons for when you need to push out a lot of heals, fast.  The amount of Alacrity on a mod doesn’t really affect your cast times that much, 220 on use however will be a noticeable difference.  I keep one of these around and try to trigger it just before I hit Supercharged gas.  I always try to leave Vent Heat for afterwards as fast casts can mean a quick road to Heat trouble.
  • Critical Rating + Surge – Another one of my favorite relics, I keep this as my other relic to go with my alacrity boost.  I generally trigger this when I need a healing boost, sometimes I double this up with the alacrity trinket when things get really crazy.
  • Power – Same premise as the Crit+Surge relic, and probably about the same effectiveness, gives a flat boost to all healing for a duration.  Use it on its own or with another relic for super boosted healing.


  1. Razzu says:

    I’m an avid reader of your blog and everything you wrote here has helped me a lot in improving my healing. Still, I have a question. What do you think of the way our Columi set is itemized? I see it has very little crit and surge (if none at all), and from what you wrote Crit and Surge are very important..

    • treadstyle says:

      The important part to remember about the Columni sets is the secondary stats are all found on the Enhancement slot, so even if we aren’t getting enough of the stats we want, we can always get a piece with the enhancement we want and swap it out. I would like to see a shade more Surge on the default set, but until someone theory craft’s the math out for us, that may be just personal preference.

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